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As A Planter

As a planter, KUNMING NANXIANG TEA CO., LTD commits on preserving environment and improving farmers’ living condition in remote area of CHINA. We build the relationship of cooperation rather than employment relationship with farmers. We advised them on plantation, guide them on pest and disease control, provide organic fertilizer as well as pest traps and pay for the leaves picked at the market price. We believe it is a multi-benefit practice. Farmers learn and implement environmentally sustainable practice, the land and surrounding ecosystems are preserved and the company achieves superior and purity materials. Our efforts have been recognized by Fair Trade Certified and organic certified and will never be stopped.

As A Producer

As a producer, the quality and safety of products is the first emphasis of us. KUNMING NANXIANG TEA CO., LTD implements strict quality assurance and control and, meantime, continuously improves the management. Our food safety system meets the requirements of HACCP. 

As A Supplier

As Supplier, we put clients’ satisfaction in the most important place of our daily work. We concentrate on serving our clients with good quality, reasonable price and expert service. The continuously efforts has allowed us to experience the rapid growth in the last over ten years. But no matter what we achieved, we will never stop pursuing extraordinary quality and services.

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