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KUNMING NANXIANG TEA CO., LTD. is a leading tea company in China Yunnan. With over 1500 acres of self-owned tea garden, 8 modern primary processing workshops, two modern refining factories, the company integrates tea planting, producing and distribution, occupying the first place of tea exporting in China Yunnan.

Vertically Integrated Operation 

From the tea leaves to the tea cups, we control every step of the tea producing and distribution, including tea planting, primary processing, refining, blending, packing and trading. By covering the whole process, our products can be sourced at the very origins and each step, allowing us not only to provide the most reliable and best quality to clients but also to practice in an environment and social responsible way.

Various Products,Reliable Quality,1st Tea Exporting in Yunnan 

Our products cover the whole range of Yunnan Tea and all of the forms. We provide Yunnan Black Tea, Pu-erh Tea, Yunnan Green Tea and Special Tea, in the forms of orthodox, CTC, Dust, Tea Bags, Customized Packs. Over ten years, our products have been widely recognized in Euro and North American market for the excellent quality and reasonable price. The company also occupies the first place of tea exporting in China Yunnan. 


For over ten years, KUNMING NANXIANG TEA CO., LTD commits to conduct the business with high environmental and social ethics. We take sustainable farming practice, make efforts to improve farmers’ living conditions in remote area of China and devote to provide reliable quality to clients. All these efforts have been proved by the certification we achieved, including FAIR TRADE, ORGANIC CERTIFICATES, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (HACCP). No matter what we achieved, these efforts will never be stopped.

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